Where is the file naming option feature in latest version?

I just upgraded to latest version but I can no longer find the options that allow for customizing the backup name. I don’t want the current date added to each backup zip file. Before I was able to just have database_name.zip.

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Currently there is no way to customize it, sorry. Why do you need it?

I had a script that was restoring the backup files and I had the exact database backup names in the script file. I suppose I can use a wildcard in my script though that will just look at database name at beginning of file name and ignore the date.

My script for using your restore program does not work with a wildcard (**) in it. How can I get this to work now that the backup filename has the current date in it and that will change every day?

“C:\Program files (x86)\Pranas.NET\SQLRestore\SqlRestore.exe” “\gaul\d$\DallasDropbox\Dropbox\RAS Backups\WAF*.zip” -run -srv localhost -db WAF -usr xxxx-pwd xxxxxxx

I see. v11 has Restore built-in. You can do it in a couple of clicks through the interface. Please see if it suits you before trying wildcards.

That won’t really work well because this is a daily process of restoring about 6 databases. I have reverted back to version 10.

Hi Andy,
Sorry we do not have a better answer for you at this time. It would need a significant effort to implement this functionality and it is relatively infrequent request. We will keep it under consideration.

Hi Ruslan,

File naming is very important and I wish you reinstate this option very soon.
This is the reason:
I want new backups to overwrite old backups (i.e. 01.zip from Sept will overwrite 01.zip from August.
( I keep 31 generations for each day in the month)
When files are given names by the full date and time they keep accumulating and cloud storage is not cheap.

If you can suggest a workaround for the meantime please advise.
May I say that eliminating a feature after years of usage was an unpleasant surprise.


If you set auto-delete in the cloud settings window to 30 days, you will achieve exactly the same result - the backups over specified auto-delete period will be automatically deleted.


Just an FYI that I too have reverted back to v10 due to the file naming feature. I have 3 customers whose firewalls are old and cannot be configured for SQL to SQL replications, so I use your program to zip and upload the databases. I created a batch file to unzip ‘(dbname).zip’ and then SQL scripts to restore the databases. In its current form, ‘(dbname)(date)(time).zip’ format will not work, because the date and time changes of course. Other techs have probably reverted as well w/o saying anything, but I thought you guys should know another person has done the same.

OK, replication is a good reason to want ‘(dbname).zip’ format. (Auto-delete is not). The reason we would not want to implement it is because custom format would break restore chain if you use Diff or Tran Log backups and auto-delete would not work either. Besides, since you have a script to restore, how difficult is it to:

  1. Find the latest zip file in destination in the current ‘(dbname)(date)(time).zip’ format
  2. Extract and rename the ‘(dbname)(date)(time).bak’ to ‘(dbname).bak’


I am not a fan of the additional processes required to extract the zipped files and clean them up afterwards. Instead of the one *.zip and *.bak files that are overwritten nightly, you’ll end up with new files for each day. I sincerely appreciate the suggestion, but the move to remove the choice is just not efficient in my opinion. I’m sure v10 will not be supported at some point, so other solutions will have to be implemented when that’s the case.

Thanks for the response.

Hi, we already have a more robust backup system in place but it takes a bit of time and effort to restore from backup and we use sqlbackup for restores from the previous business day because it’s quicker.

Could you point me to the link where I could download version 10 of sqlbackupandftp ? Will the professional key that we purchased still work with it?


You can download SQLBackupAndFTP version 10 by the following link https://sqlbackupandftp.com/download/SqlBakSetupAzure.exe

To check your license we need more details, please contact our support team via the following eamil address support@sqlbackupandftp.com

We have decided to bring back custom naming formats. Should be out early November 2017. More details.

We have just released SQLBackupAndFTP version 11.3.1 with adding custom naming formats option. You can find these settings at the “Compression Settings” window.

See the blog post on custom file formats: https://sqlbackupandftp.com/blog/customize-backup-file-name

Hi Guys
Is there a way you can add this same functionality without using the zip format. I have a smallish database that needs to be overwritten and it only needs to be the one database, with no date format or anything of the kind.
basically, what i want to do is:
create the backup and store it in location \nas\backups\restore-to-other-server\backup.bak
then restore it to a different server with an sql restore job builtin to the current sql server.


Yes, you can do it, just go to the “Compression Settings” and select customize backup file name as [DatabaseName].zip. To store backup file without compression please set the compression level to “none”.

That does work. Thank you