Grouping Jobs in Folders

As soon as the tool is used not only for backups and can be used for backing up and maintaining a couple of PG clusters it will be great to have an ability to organize the jobs in folders

Hi Michael_Highguy,

Thank you for the feature request, we’ve forwarded it to our dev team for consideration.

Thank you.

Hi Alexander. Do you have any ETA for this feature to be developed or at least reviewed by the dev team?

Hi Michael_Highguy,

Yes, we discussed the possibility of adding this option, and, sorry, but currently, it will not be added. Perhaps later we can come back to this request and consider it again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Alexander!
The new year, the new goals and the new approaches…
Is there any news regarding the feature?

Hi Michael_Highguy,

Sorry, but that option is still under consideration and we haven’t made a decision yet

Sorry for the delay and for the inconvenience.