Writing database to backup folder

In an older version of the software I was able to backup a database directly into a folder. For example using a folder named C:\Postgres-backups and setting the compression level as ‘None’ caused the backup to go to the defined folder with an “.sql” extension. After using the new software a “zip” folder instead gets created and the “.sql” file is now under that sub-folder. I have the checkbox “Place the backups for each database in its own folder” unchecked so I don’t know why sub-folders are being created as opposed to the backup file going directly into the primary folder. I have turned off compression so I don’t know why a zip folder is even being created. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Jack Brown

Hi Jack Brown,

We have checked the issue, and if the “Place the backups for each database in its own folder” option and the compression option is disabled, then SQLBackupAndFTP creates the “.sql” file without any additional folders. Everything works smoothly.

Could you please tell us more details about the issue you have.

Sorry for the inconvenience.