Watchdog service restarts every five minutes


We are experiencing an issue with SQLBackupandFTP version 12.2.3 where the Watchdog service stops and starts every five minutes. Has anyone else experienced an issue like this? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Steve,

“SQLBackupAndFTP (Watchdog)” Windows Service is a service that monitors that “SQLBackupAndFTP (SQL Server Backup)” Windows Service runs. If “SQLBackupAndFTP (SQL Server Backup)” Windows Service runs than “SQLBackupAndFTP (Watchdog)” Windows Service stops automatically.

It’s normal behavior when “SQLBackupAndFTP (Watchdog)” Windows Service stops after 5 minutes, but it’s weird that it’s run again. Perhaps you use any third-party software to run it? Also could you please check your Windows Event Log (Application and System) are there any error messages related to SQLBackupAndFTP?

Sorry for the inconvenience.