Using Mapped Drive as Temp location

The temporary files created during backup are choking our SQL server and disk space expansion isn’t possible.

We have a dedicated storage server in the same network (accessible with admin rights).

We have created a share and both SQL Server and Explorer can connect to the mapped drive without issues.

SQLBackupFTP can also see the share and can poll how much disk space is free, however our jobs fail to run because this causes the username and password to connect to the local database to fail. This almost feels like a bug because SQLBackup appears to be trying to use the username and password for the share to connect to the local DB instead of the local server. If I switch the temp directory back to a local location, all is well again.

It almost feels like the credentials for the temp directory are getting mixed up with the local user needed to run the database back up.

Is something broken or am I doing something wrong?

Hello Tapestry_IT,

SQL Server creates a backup in the shared folder on behalf of the user you specified in the credentials (if you are using Windows authentication) or on behalf of the MSSQLSERVER user if SQL Server authentication is used. To resolve the issue, please grant the necessary permissions to this user for the specified directory.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!