Unzip error for backup

Hi everybody,

I create a full backup every hour and compress it to .zip with Compression level “none”. I encrypt the compressed files with a password but If I try to unzip it with 7zip/winrar I get the error that maybe the file is broken or the password is wrong. But I double checked the password and it’s correct. What can I do?

Regards Marco

Hi Marco,

When you set the compression level to “none” then archive will be created only for folders backups but not for the databases backups. Just to restore the backup file without the unpacking.

Hello everyone
Old topic but I’m getting the same problem. If I backup a folder with Archive Format “Zip” and compression level “None” I’m unable to unpack the zip file. I’ve tried unpacking with Windows Explorer and 7Zip. This doesn’t happen if I choose Archive Format “.7z”. I’m finding this problem on a Free and on a Standard licence, both on the last version (12.3.3).
Should I only use “.7z” for folder backup with no compression?

Hi Novabit_PT503411302,

Yes, you can try to use “.7z” for folder backup with no compression.

It seems that the regular zip file cannot be open with 7z because they have different formats.

Thank you.