Unable to carry out backup on a shared windows folder from linux through samba

It’s been a while I am using SQLBAckupAndFTP for backups of a mysql database with two destinations: 1) g-drive and 2) shared folder in a LAN on a windows machine. The mysql database is on an ubuntu 22.04 server which has a Mate GUI. The backup on g-drive passes without problems. On the other hand, when I navigate through folders and get to the (shared) destination folder on the windows machine through samba it gives me the address something like this: smb://server/h/. If I try to enter this address in the field ‘Path’ on ‘Folder Settings’ of the web interface, it passes the test and I get the message: ‘The destination was successfully tested’. But I noticed that, in fact, the application has created on the localhost on which the mysql server sit, a local folder smb:, and in it nested another folder ‘server’, and the folder ‘h’. In other words, instead of communicating with the shared destination folder on the windows machine through samba, it creates local folders hierarchically, depending on the subfolders structure… Please, is there a sollution to this problem?

Hello Slavko,

Could you please try to specify the path without using the protocol, like: //server/h…

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you!