Truncating Transaction Log

When we backup we would like to truncate the transaction log on full backup during the backup process using your program SQLBackupandFTP?

It now grows or doubles in size when a backup is done. Ugh!


I also wanted to say I am using MS SQL.

I see I did poor job in describing the issue.

When I backup our large database the sql file that is being copied has the transaction log inside of it double in size. On close inspection the transaction log makes a copy of its’ self when a backup is done. An example is our application of our db of 8gb creates a large portion of its’file size to the transaction portion of the file. So it replicates the tranaction log in the db being copied and in the backup db compressed file. When we have restored from backup we see the transaction log doubled.

Hello Roland_O_Brien-Bills,

SQLBackupAndFTP create backups via Standard T-SQL Commands. To truncate the log you need to perform transaction log backups. You can set your backup plan to perform full and transaction log backups at the "Advanced Backup Schedule.


Please find more details at Transaction Log Backup - Sql Server Backup Academy