The previous Full backup of "DB" database has failed. Creating Full backup

Hi there!

My backup is scheduled to “full 24h + transaction log every 1 minute”.

Several hours later the files were uploaded correctly, and then I turned off the destination server intentionally to see what will happen.

After 30 minutes, I turned on the destination server, and then the app created a full backup and uploaded it (it tried to create and upload full backups several times).

My question is if it is possible to setup the upload mechanism not to create full backup after a failed transaction log upload. Instead of this, it should keep the transaction logs in the primary server till the secondary server is available again, and then upload just the “new” logs.

Thank you!

Hi Szalay_Zsolt,

To resolve this issue, you can simply set an emergency destination place. Just set another destination for your backups (for example any cloud destination) and marked it as an emergency.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.