Test Restore Failing - mySQL - not enough disk space?

We are doing a test restore to a dev server, 60Gb mySQL backup file, created with SQLBackup. Restore to a alternate DEV server.

10/21/2021 8:26:30 PM [Error] Failed to restore “pgc-eadmin” database. There is not enough space on the disk.

We have the working directory for the restore on a disk with 300+Gb free, the target server we are restoring to has 140Gb free on the / volume where mySQL DBs are located.

This error is a bit vague in the fact that - is this space on the SQLBackup server, space on the target server? Both should have enough space.

See screenshot

Hi Jeff_Bourassa,

It seems you backup MySQL Server databases on Windows and try to restore them on your Linux server. We believe the error occurs at the restore stage on Linux.

Also, we noticed that the size of the backup and the size of the database are not the same. Could you please let us know how much space the original database takes up (the one you backup, perhaps it weighs more than 160GB)?

Also, MySQL Server can create some temporary files.

Could you please try to restore that backup manually using the mysql.exe utility from the source server (from the one where SQLBackupAndFTP is currently installed).

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.