TCP/IP SSH Error 2027 (HY000) on connect

MYSQL Server TCI/IP SSH, entering all required options on testing I receive the error
“Error 2027 (HY000) malformed packet”.

See the details in screenshot.
My provider (domainfactory) requests “Version 2 des SSH-Protokoll” to be used.
Which one do you use?
Any idea on this error?

Hi Joachim_Bungert,

Could you please clarify, are you able to connect to your MySQL Server via Workbench?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Alexander,

… had to find out what “workbench” is :slight_smile:
Installed it and yes, worked like a charm, see screenshot!

Hi Joachim_Bungert,

Thank you for the details.

Could you please try to specify a path to your MySQL bin folder and check if the issue will be resolved?

For the correct work with MySQL, we use MySQL.exe utility. Could you please try to create an SSH tunnel and run a command for connection that you can find by clicking on the info button at the"Connect to Server" window.


If you still can not connect please provide us with test access to check the issue. To make it private please send the details to

Sorry for the inconvenience.