Suggestions on doing "hourly" backups

I am currently doing “nightly” backups to NAS for my DB’s.

I want to setup a new job that will run every two hours and backup to a different NAS. Our Db’s change constantly so I need to have more current backups in case of system failure.

I was doing this another way by making copies of the ldf and mdf files and using a volume shadow. These files are open at all times while the server is running.

I am looking at alternatives.

I only need to keep one backup, the most current. There is no option to overwrite backups and the auto delete option only specifies days and not hours.

Is this possible?



Yes, with the help of SQLBackupAndFTP you can backup your SQL Server databases to NAS every two hours, just create a new backup job select databases you need to backup, specify the destination place and set a backup schedule.

Sorry, but “auto-delete option” allows you to delete old backup only after the specified days not hours.