SQL Server DBA working in PostGreSQL/Windows

I’m a long time DBA in SQL Server who is migrating some stuff to PostgreSQL 12 on Windows. Before I purchase the SQL Backup and FTP tool, I was wondering if this is going to be the best tool in performing maintenance tasks much like SSMS does for SQL Server. I am looking for a GUI tool that can handle the scheduling of PostGreSQL database backups on Windows, that can do notification and error handling, and also the scheduling of any index maintenance (rebuilds/reorgs, statistics). I’m also not quite clear if PostGreSQL has the concept of Diffferential or Transaction Log backups, so am wondering about this as well. Any information would be helpful to me before purchasing a GUI tool for my particular situation. Thanks - Robert

Hi Robert,

We have in our plans to add maintenance jobs to SQLBackupAndFTP, and we are considering adding incremental backups for PostgreSQL. For now, only full backups can be performed for PostgreSQL databases.

Currently, you can try to use the “Run customer scripts” option to set the needed scripts before or after a backup job.