Sql log and diff file clean up

I just upgraded from v9 to v11. In to old version you could set the destination to delete older log & diff files after a successful diff or full backup. I can’t find where to set that in V11. I found the place to say “after so many days” but I would like it to clean-up as it goes.


Hello Jay,

You can set “Auto delete” option at your backup destination settings.

my auto delete is not working.
i have setup like 6 days, but i see older files… could be any error?
im using version 11.1.21

Could you please clarify were these old backup files were created via SQLBackupAndFTP version 11 or via previous versions?

All using version 11


We have just released SQLBackupAndFTP version 11.2.0, could you please install it and check if it solves the issue?

Same issue auto delete does not work.

Alexander, I also have this problem. I installed 11.2.0 a couple of weeks ago (new install) and it works fine but never deletes any old files.

I believe I have the folder configured correctly Folder configuration.

My expectation is that older logs go away after successful diff backup and everything older than the current successful full backup goes away. This is how it worked in v9.

Auto delete is set to 0 months 0 days. you need to set it to auto delete after it has a specif number of months/days.
Auto delete does work locally but not on FTP.


Currently, we are working to redesign “Auto delete” option, so this issue will be fixed in the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am on 12.4.8 with the same issue as well. It does not remove the older files as prescribed. Also, it would be nice that you show the delete schedule on the screen like you do for the backups and I assume you would also log that as well and show it in the history.

Hi Shawn_Fielding,

Thank you for the details.

We have checked the issue and can confirm that everything works smoothly.

Auto delete option runs only if backups were created successfully. If a backup job failed and backups haven’t been performed, the Auto delete option will not be run.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you.


Thanks for the reply - we did have one failure initially caused by an issue with a log file. Once I truncated the log, the system did a new backup and things have been running smoothly since. This has made the job so much easier and I don’t feel i have to worry. We are buying another pro copy for another server as well.


Hi Shawn_Fielding,

That’s great! Thank you for your reply!

Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.