Since opens the file created CSV? (SQL to Excel Converter)


I Have lowered the program " Free SQL To Escel Converter " and it me has converted it well to the format CSV

But I want to open it with the Excel and he says to me that the extension of the file is not correct and I it cannot open

Summary: Since opens the file created CSV?

Thank you very much

Usually, Excel opens these files fine, but if you face some troubles try to just import it -

Thank you Alexander,

But for what I see in this docuemento it is to spend a text to csv.

And I what I want is the file is able to see csv that I generated with the program “SQLBackup Free”.

Does it design someone of that I can be doing badly?

And if I open the file csv with “openoffice” it goes out for me that I must select a format. (I have selected several and always I obtain the same mistake.)

Thank You

Could you please clarify your question? Do you get any error messages?

The problem is that it adds a letter N and a symbol in front of the text, in every column …

how do I do in order that it does not happen?

Thank you and forgive the inconveniences that it him is causing.


To solve this issue please try to open your .csv file using another encoding.


It does not matter with that encofig opens it,

since it can see in the image, already it created me of the CSV adding it N ’ in the fields…

Thank you for the details.

Could you please send us one of your .csv files to check this issue?

To make it private, please send it to

I am having the same issue when using the SQL to Excel converter. Is there a way to resolve it?


This issue has been fixed in the latest version of SQL to Excel - version Version: 1.0.3. You can download it at

After I sent that message, I found the update. Thank you.

Good news! Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.

Question: does the application have a limit to how much data can be converted from SQL to Excel?


SQL to Excel doesn’t have any limits to how much data can be converted.

I´ve the same question…
Since I´ve converted all files, but accidentially without the first-line, the tool just don´t create any new files from this database.
I´ve tried all option-variations, but they are still empty.

Is there a log file, which i can reset?

cheers, Patte

Hi Patte,

SQL to Excel is a Free and simple tool, sorry but it hasn’t a log file.