Shows databases from another instance

I have two instances running on my server 2016. When creating a job I connect to server x but after connection you choose the databases you want to backup it shows the databases from instance y (./sqlexpress). Restarting the software does not make a difference.

I’m seeing the same problem. But here are my relevant details:

  1. Version: 11.5.2 Professional Trial Expires in 12 days.

  2. In the SQL server instance drop-down, I can choose either the 1st or the 2nd and get a confirmation of the connection, but at the next step only the database(s) for the 1st instance is ever shown (regardless of which instance I chose).

@Jeff_Salisbury I installed the beta that was mentioned in another thread. And that did the trick. Now it works. This is the download link.

What other thread, please?

Also, why the beta download from Dropbox instead of

Just being careful!

@Mike_Oelen, that link doesn’t download a beta version of SQLBackupAndFTP. Did you accidentally provide the wrong link?

Hi Jeff,

Yes, it seems the wrong link. Could you please download the following version

We plan to release it until the end of this week.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This link fixed my problem!

Good news! Thanks for the feedback!