Service does not start

I had it working for a month then it simply stopped. The application does not run and the service cannot be started.

I have tried:
Reinstall the application
For the test run SQLBackupAndFTP as a process. You can do it in the following way:
Run Command Prompt and go to the directory where SQLBackupAndFTP is installed.
Run sqlbak.service.exe -console (Do not press “Any Key”). If you get any error messages please send us a screenshot of them.
To run SQLBackupAndFTP and tune a backup job, please execute sbf.application.exe -ignoreStatusService

Hi Marcel_Marais,

It seems the issue is related to your system settings. COuld you please try to install the latest release of .NET Framework or use repair donet tool. Also, you can check your Windows Application Event Log (Application and System) to find more details about this issue.

Sorry, but this issue cannot be resolved from our side, sorry for the inconvenience.