Separate temporary folders for each job

I have three jobs scheduled and one of them has rather large DB files which take a while to transfer to the various destinations. If all of my jobs are running at the same time, I do not have enough free space to handle all three jobs on the same drive. Is there any way to change the temp folder for at least that one job with the large files? If not, may I request it be added to a future build? Thanks!

Sorry, but a Temporary Folder is selected one for all backup jobs.

Also, we recommend you to use “Backup one DB, send, repeat (as opposite to backup all, then send all)” option, which is located at the “Backup options” section. If that option is checked, then SQLBackupAndFTP will backup each database one by one in the next way:

Backup SQL Server database
Compress SQL Server database
Send the backup to the destinations
Remove the backup from the temporary folder

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