Schedule of Differential and Transaction Dependent of Full Backup

I have some question regarding the backup schedule, for example i have schedule the full backup in 168 which is equal to 7 days… but i want to backup daily the differential and the transaction log.
coz as per screenshoot it says that the “differential” and “transaction log” will run every after the full backup. Is it possible to run the full backup only once a week, but i can run the differential and transaction log daily or based on my scheduled.



Hi John_Paul_M_Godinez,

The marked “after full” record means that to perform differential or transaction log backups should be performed a full backup, but it doesn’t mean that before each differential or transaction log backup will be performed a full backup.

If you need to perform a full backup once a week and run differential and transaction log backups daily then set 168 for full backups and 24 hours for differential or transaction log backups.

You can check your estimated backup plan at the “Advanced Backup Schedule” window.


Hello Alexander Thank you for the explanation.

No problem. Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.