Schedule Functions running in PostgreSQL

Hi. Currently our company is looking for the centralized GUI tool to run scripts against PostgreSQL databases. As soon as we already use you application for PG Backups the first question was if you plan to add an option to run any stored procedure or just any psql code in additional to pg_dump?

Thank you in advance

Hi Michael_Highguy,

With SQLBackupAndFTP you can add a scrip before or after a backup job. Just add the needed settings to the “Run custom script” section.


If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you.

This is very good option and we really use it but the purpose is not to run something before of after backup but (let’s say) instead of backup.
Your application has everything to become a good tool for run scheduled jobs on PostgreSQL cause there is no good option for this purpose on the market. Each tool or provide only local installation on each PG cluster to run local jobs, or has no GUI, or lacking in logs, or anything else.
We thought about the option to create any small database and perform any unneeded backup just to run the job but this solution looks strange.
So if you can provide the option not to run backup but to run any job it would be good.
Thank U

Hi Michael_Highguy,

Thank you for the clarification.

We are working on this issue, currently, you can test it in the Alpha edition but soon we’ll release it.

Thank you.

Amazing! The last missing feature IMHO is the possibility to create folders, meanwhile job-groups and it will be the missing tool that many PG users are looking for…

The question is which kind of messages from maintenance job will be printed in the logs? I mean what the function for example should raise to see it in the log?

Sadly installing of Alpha was not succeed. Will wait for final release

Hi Michael_Highguy,

You can resolve the issue by removing the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\SQLBackupAndFTP\ Then you can install the Alpha edition.

Sorry for the inconvenience.