Same server name, mix the users name and Password

I have multiples kinghost DB, then I add one by one to schedule, the majority of them are the same host server name, the databases are distinct in kinghost server by the USER NAME not by the server name, then when I just go to SQLBackupAndFTP to edit another job what are the same name of last one server name added, then the user name and password of the last one added job, subscribe the job what I clicked to edit the connection.

The SQLBackupAndFTP uses the server name to fill the user name and password. A checkbox with: “[x] multiples usernames?” would fix.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a job
  • Configure normally the job connection in “Connect to”… (in my case is to MySQL Server (TCP/IP) with the server name, username and password
  • In “Select Database”, check the first one. “Backup all non-system […]”
  • Choose any destination to store backup
  • Test it! Will correctly backup
  • Repeat the first step with ANOTHER user name and Password and SAME server name. Backup it. Will correctly backup too.
  • BUT, now, return to the first one job done, just try to edit the connect to see it. Will be with the 2º job username and Password, i.e. the last one job connection will be transfer for the Edition window “Connect to Server” on job.

I temporary fixed just add: /* whatever_I_want_to_write_here */ in the final of server name.
Then, the server name like:
changes to:*usernameExample */

Hi Marlon_Rebello_Viana,

Yes, that is the way how to resolve the issue.

Please find more details about that issue in the following thread: Not possible to add several MySQL-instanses to same db-server - #2 by Alexander

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!