Restoring .sql (w/data) errors & leaves some tables blank

I just purchased the business version mostly just so I could back up a database on my remote shared server, so I could then put it on a new server host. I got the .sql files with data done ok (UI is intuitive and easy thanks).

The server corp says when they ‘restored’ them (however that works) they got an error

Sqlcmd: Error: Syntax error at line 452462 near command ‘&’ in file ‘dbxxx.sql’.
Sqlcmd: Error: Syntax error at line 431499 near command ‘&’ in file ‘dbxxx.sql’.

and it looks like several tables are blank that shouldn’t be (including my users table ouch).

The server corp figures it’s not their problem of course. I’m just a hobbyist with a shared rental server so I don’t know much about dba stuff but I’d hoped buying the software would give me what I need. I’m wondering if anybody might recognize that kind of error and have suggestions for how I could run it again and perhaps get a sql file that will allow restoration without that problem.

Many thanks for any assistance,

Hi PJ,

Could you please tell us are you abe to perform backup and restore via SQL Server Management Studio?

Also, if it possible, could you please send us the following file dbxxx.sql to analyze it? If it’s not possible please send us a part of your SQL code (from 452450 to 452470 lines and from 431490 to 431510 lines). To make it private please send the details to