Restore to New database

HI, I’ve been using this since V6 very successfully since about 2012. However, I thought I would upgrade to the latest version so have downloaded V12.

One of the things I do regularly is restoring a database backup to a test version of the database as sometimes it’s good to see the state of the data BEFORE something happens to it. Crucially I DO NOT want to overwrite the live database with the restore so want to restore it to a new database. You used to have one-click restore where this was easy, but with your new version, I can not find a way to do this. Please advise.

Hi Iain_Hayward,

With SQLbackupAndFTP you also can use One-Click restore to restore your databases.

But with SQLBackupAndFTP you can create a restore job and restore your database into a database with a new name.

Here are more details