Restore from Google Drive

Hello, I downloaded the trial version, read the directions and right off the bat, the application doesn’t seem to work. I am using Google Drive as a destination to collect backup .bak and transaction .trn files dumped from a remote SQL server. So the application just needs to authenticate into my G drive, collect the files and apply the restore.

Google Drive Authentication works fine. My google path is just the folder “backup”. However, I noticed the dropdown “Select Databases to restore” does NOT see any files in the backup folder. So, there seems to be two issues or questions here.

  1. Is my path correct? I just have the folder “backup” for the path.

  2. Does this application scan and see .bak and .trn backup files for SQL server?

Thank you!


Hi also created a local folder, downloaded the backups from Google Drive and setup another Restore instance. Same thing. I select the folder but the application does not recognize .bak and .trn Sql Server backup files. Interesting.

Version 12.3.11 of application being used.

Hi again,

Ok, I just discovered the FAQ and noticed this

I understand I need to get my backup into this format.

However, how do I differentiate between .bak and .trn files?

Hi Jim_Atwood,

With SQLBackupAndFTP you can restore the backups with the following mask:


SQLBackupAndFTP can restore backups with the following extensions: sql; bacpac; 7z; zip; bak.

Please find more details at

Please let us know if you have any other questions.