Restore database ist not working

I tryed restoring my database (this was working in the past), but now I have got an error:

“Failed to restore “Mandat_1” database on “Restoring” step. > T-SQL command error: INSERT [dbo].[ebay_data_feedback_in] ([kFeedbackIn], [ItemID], [CommentingUser], [CommentingUserScore], [CommentText], [CommentTime], [CommentType], [FeedbackID], [FeedbackRole], [TransactionID]) VALUES…”
“…> String or binary data is truncated in table “Mandate_1.dbo.ebay_data_feedback_in”, column “CommentText”.” (this second text is automatic translated - original it was in German " > Zeichenfolgen- oder Binärdaten werden in Tabelle “Mandat_1.dbo.ebay_data_feedback_in”, Spalte “CommentText” abgeschnitten. Abgeschnittener Wert: Super Ebayer…")

It seems that entry is too long. How can I fix this?

Hello Andreas_V,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

If you are experiencing an issue with a single line, the simplest approach would be to open the specified file and attempt to fix the problematic line or comment it out. Afterwards, you can restore that specific line separately after performing the backup of the entire file.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inform us.

We appreciate your usage of SQLBackupAndFTP.