Restore a File not showing in History and Restore list

I am still new to this program even though we are on Version 11.3.XX -
I have a backup file i would like to restore, but it is not currently listed on the History and Restore list
and I don;t know how else this file may be restored or added to the History list?

Hi United_Road_Towing,

It seems you try to restore a backup that hasn’t been created in the backup job you run. Starting from SQLBackupAndFTP version 11.7.1 we have added the option to restore any backups. Here are more details

You can upgrade your current version to the latest release at your “My Account” page by clicking the “Renew subscription” link at the “Actions” column.

Also, you can try to restore such backup via SQL Server Management Studio. You can find more details on how to do it on the web.

The Backup File actually was created by SQLBackupandFTP, however, we set an option on only keep 10 days of backups and it was deleted. I was able to recover the file via Windows past versions. Is there anyway to restore from a Pre-11.7.1 version?

So i was planning on updating Dot Net to 4.6, but the Server running SQL is a legacy server running Server 2003 x64. - From what i am finding, Dot Net 4 was the last possible update - so that leaves trying to restore via SQL Server Management Studio - Do you happen to have pointer to detailed instructions on how that is done?


You can restore your backups via SQL Server Management Studio, here are more details:

Restore a Database Backup Using SSMS -

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