Removal of Support for Windows Task Scheduler

I’ve recently had to upgrade to v11 of the program as I back up to Dropbox and need the API support.

As part of the “upgrade” support for Scheduling and running backup jobx’s from Windows Task Scheduler has been removed.

I’ve been advised that I must now run my backup schedules from the in-built scheduler…but this is extremely limited, for example, I need to run some backups on the first day of the week / month, and some on the last day of the year. I also need to run the same full backup job twice in some days and at a different time at weekends…something I cannot do without creating multiple versions of the same task.

Even simple things like typing in a date to start the backup from seem difficult in the in-built scheduler…and the list of dates the plan will run on has errors in it (just created on to start from today and run each Saturday…and the first run date shows as the 8th July when the 1st July is the next Saturday!)

Has anyone else experienced issues with this? Any suggestions? I have complained to the Team via Alexander Omelchenko about the usability of their scheduler, and I am very frustrated about losing a function that worked perfectly well.

Would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer?


Just had a reply from Ruslan @ SQLBackupAndFTP…

“You’ve made a good point. Early next week we will release a version that you can run through a command line sending Job Name as a parameter. You would be able to schedule in it Windows Schedule in any way you see fit.”

Hats off to the guys at Pranas.NET - that’s a quick response and some seriously good customer service…I’ve almost forgotten that I was tearing my hair out in frustration only this morning!

Good to know you’re dealing with a company that takes customers views seriously.


Thanks for the warm words, Mike.

We have just released SQLBackupAndFTP 11.1.4 with an ability to run a backup job using command line interface. You can find more details at