Remote storage server crash after backup


we have configured 2 WIN2019 server, one holds mssql (and the sqlbackupandftp) the other act as storage.
while examaning the storage server i noticed that it crashes everyday at the same time, after looking in the sqlbackupandftp it matches to the time of the crash.

we written in the backup app administrator rights and i sew that the backups do exist on the storage server.
please your help.

Hi Noam,

Could you please let us know the way a file is transferred to a server for storing (shared folder\ftp\s3 compatible)?

We have checked the issue and believe that it is extremely unlikely that the problem somehow related to SQLBackupAndFTP since it is not even installed on that server.

The only thing we can recommend is to install the latest updates for your server and check the disk to make sure there are no error messages.

Sorry for the inconvenience.