Professional License and Azure Database Backup

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When I buy a SQL Backup and FTP Professional License and install it on one on Prem Server, can I then backup as many Azure SQL and Postgre SQL (Azure Service) Instances (several DB Server with more than one DB) as i would? Or do i need to buy a Professional License for every Azure Instanz i want to backup?


Hi lag,

By default, one license can be used to activate the application on one computer. If from one computer you can connect to all your instances then you can use a license for one computer. If you need to install SQLBackupAndFTP on multiply computers then please purchase a license for all the computers. If you buy a license for at least 2 computers a 15% discount will automatically be applied at checkout (or 20 computers in the case of the “Professional 1 database” edition).

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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