Problem with configure FTP after upgrade

I have a problem with new version of program.
After upgrade, old settings with copy backup to ftp (on my NAS) not work.
Before in older version all works.
Even if I do test, connection is ok, and file is created, but size of that file is 0Bytes and errors occured:

#DST-2:1103#550] Failed to upload
“…[path]\SqlBakTest-774221808.bak” file. > SqlBakTest-774221808.bak: Forbidden filename (550).

All settings to FTP is OK, it was working to the day of upgrade program.

Hi Rafal_Miejluk,

We use Rebex to work with FTP, it seems the issue happens because of some restrictions of the Rebex libraries. Sorry but that is how SQLbackupAndFTP works.

Sorry for the inconvenience.