Problem in detecting the connection to the database with more than two Jobs.

Dear, along with saying hello, I wanted to state the following problem:
When configuring more than one Job, the previous one changes the connection to the database. For example, I create Job 3, with the connections to the databases correctly. But when reviewing the previous Job (Job2), the connection is automatically changed to the connection that I had left in Job3, and the Job 3 databases appear in Job 2.

I attach images of how it is configured:

I would like to know what the problem would be and how to solve it. I hope I can explain myself well, since I speak in Spanish.
The version I have installed is the professional one.



Hi Danilo_Alarcon_Villa,

Please find some recommendations on how to resolve the issue at Not possible to add several MySQL-instanses to same db-server

Thank you!

thanks for the answer, but I get the following error when placing the description

It didn’t work for me, put the error in the answer

Hi Danilo_Alarcon_Villa,

Thank you for the details.

It seems you used a space in the block comments: / *, please make sure you use that option without the spaces like: /*.

Sorry for the inconvenience.