Previous LogTran backup ... created with a different application

I’m getting this message for all backups yet nothing has been backed up from outside of SBF.

It may have started when I added extra an extra local backup folder and azure to the options though I’ve deleted them again now and it still displays this message.) One thing I did do is restart the service when the azure backup stalled (I think that’s an azure performance issue though.)

I’ve tried re-running to perform a full backup but this always gets displayed. I’ve tested and it seems to restore ok through SBF though.

The issue just randomly went away, in one transaction log the warning was there, 5 mins later the next transaction log it was gone.

Oh well, at least it sorted itself out.

Hi David_Meagor1,

Thank you for the details.

Please find more details about the issue you face at Solved: [JOB-BAK:2006#11008] Previous Full backup of a database was created with a different application | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you!