PostgreSQL Multi-Instance

We have a number of large databases that need to be backed up. However, each one of these is its own instance and connects on a different port. It would be really cool if there was an option to select “port range” in the configuration of the PostgreSQL backups. This would allow me to run a backup of all instances on one server under the same job instead of having to create a new backup job for each instance.

Dear Taylor_Cooper

To specify different credentials and settings for one PostgreSQL Server connection please specify Server name like:

localhost /* any description of the connection */

localhost /* connection for the second user */

localhost /* any other connection */

and use different credentials and settings.



The issue that I have is that each instance is using its own port. The default is 5432 for the postgres system DB, but the next instance is on port 5433 and so on. Are you saying that I can specify multiple ports in the server name field?


I tested this method, and it does not work. The issue is that they are still on another port. Regardless of how I enter the server name, the port is what changes the DB that I am connecting to. For instance: If I placed “localhost /* 5437 */” and the port is set to 5432. The databases that it sees are only the ones that are on port 5432 and not the one on 5437.

On the screenshot, the port designation is where I am requesting there be a “range” added so that I can collect from 5432-5440 in one backup job and get all the DBs that are located within that range. POSTGRESQL_BU

Hi Taylor_Cooper,

Sorry, but there is no way to specify a range of ports. If you need to use different ports, you have to create a backup job with different connection settings for each of your ports. For example:

localhost /* 5437 */ and port 5437
localhost /* 5438 */ and port 5438
localhost /* 5439 */ and port 5439