Paid subscription not recognised

Here are my invoices:

Yet my licence shows as expired.
Kindly investigate.

Here is what shown on my account page:

Hi Gerhard_Groenewald,

We have checked your SQLBackupAndFTP account and found the following:

On 05/10/2019, you have purchased Lite edition version 12 without one-year Full-Service subscription, then on 06/29/2019 you purchased one-year Full-Service subscription for your Lite edition. On 09/16/2019 you upgraded from Lite edition with the subscription to Standard edition without the subscription. It means that you have only one-month Full-Service subscription, which expires on 10/16/2019.

Your license never expires, and you can use the version you’ve purchased forever. However, zero-config email service for sending backup notifications, support, weblog, free upgrades, and service down alerts are parts of the optional Full-Service subscription and require a yearly recurring fee.

Please find more details at:

You can renew your subscriptions by clicking “Renew subscription” at the “Actions” column.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.