Oauth grant timed out?

Hello everyone. Since this very morning, my SQLBak job is failing with the following message:

“Job execution error: PSB:0034 Failed to refresh OAuth2 token.
invalid_grant (AADSTS70000: The user could not be authenticated as the grant is expired. The user must sign in again.
Trace ID: 7628b9f4-8081-4b21-8c1b-083515cde901
Correlation ID: 8809d207-fb9d-41d1-8ce1-393559d7d4b3
Timestamp: 2023-08-11 07:01:29Z)”

That doesn’t ring a bell, as I don’t remember having configured anything related to oauth when configuring my connection. In an other hand SQLBackupAndFTP, on the very same connection, succeed without any problem.

Does this problem speaks to anyone?

Hello Stephane_Smirnow,

To resolve the issue related to SqlBak, could you please contact our support team at SqlBak | Customer Support?

If you have any questions regarding SQLBackupAndFTP, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you!