Not fully backing up

Hello, I have an issue with my setup not fully backing up my SQL data. Every time I used my compressed files (extracted after) to restore my database, I notices that I am missing a lot of tables and data. However, if I do a manual export of my SQL files from PHPMyAdmin, and upload them to the server all my tables and data are there.

So, I did the comparison test, I noticed that the size of my manual exported data is significantly higher than the files backup by the SQLBackupandFTP. How can I ensure that my setup is correct and everything is back up? Please need help here. Thanks in advance!

Hello Lon_Empeno,

To make sure everything works smoothly, try restoring your database under a different name. After that please perform a manual backup - and compare the size of the backup, with the backup of the original database.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

I had the same problem. Using PHPMyAdmin, the backup indicates it is complete. However, if you unpack the zipped backup file and examine the sql file with a text editor, at the very end you may notice it indicates a time out error. Mine was 360 seconds. The way to increase this is not to edit the php.ini or other php settings. You need to edit the Apache alias definition for PHPMyAdmin with is defaulted at 360 (at least mine was). Increase it to a number that is long enough for the entire db to be backed up. Mine required 10 minutes so the setting of 600 worked. Not sure why SQLBackupAndFTP doesn’t report the timeout error.