Newbie wants to make test restore

I am a newbie and am using the trial version. I seem to have no problem making the backups with SQLBackupandFTP. I hope I never have to restore but want to be sure I can do it should the need arise. I read somewhere on your site that suggests using a professional. But I want to learn how to do this myself. Besides, what if the “professional” is not familiar with your product? They could screw it up too.

How do you suggest I can test this? For example:

  1. Create a new database called Test-db
  2. Create a Restore Job in SQLBackupandFTP
  3. In “Take backups from” select a real database backup that SQLBackupandFTP backed up previously
  4. Select databases to restore: Test-db
  5. Restore to Microsoft SQL Server (local)
  6. Click Run Now

I would ‘think’ that doing it this way, I could not screw-up my real databases. Do you have any comments on this? If I see that the Test-db now has the same contents as the real database, then I will have full confidence in using SqlBackupAndFtp.

Hi Ron_K,

Yes, you can use 14 days Professional trial to test a backup and restore processes. You can create a backup job, and after the backups will be created restore them from your backup job or create a new resto job. Please find more details about the restore at

SQLBackupAndFTP uses Standard T-SQL Commands to backup and restore your SQL Server databases.

If you’ll face any issue please feel free to contact us.