NAS Destination Issue can Test connection but Can't save backups

I have a NAS that I’m trying to save backups to. I initially started trying to use it as a Mapped drive but I found that we cannot use mapped drives so now I’m going fully explicit with my mapping using the full network path //storagelocation/folder1/folder2/folder3

I have a username and password in the NAS settings and can click TEST and it tests successfully.

When I try and run a backup however I get an error saying Access to the Path is Denied.

I am running the latest 12.7.4 version of the software.

I figured it out. I had mapped the network drive and windows saved the credentials. After removing the credentials from Windows Credential manager, and rebooting I was able to get the software to connect properly.

Hi Judd_Edema,

Good news! Please feel free to contact us on any issues or concerns.