Nameing of backup files


I have just upgraded to v11.1.2 from v10 professional

I can’t find anywhere to name any backups with days of week, day of month etc.

There just seems to be a default yyyymmddhhiiss setting.

Am I missing something?


No, you are correct. Why do you need custom names?

I for one want new backups to overwrite old ones.

Wish you reinstate this feature.
Any workaround for now?

If you set auto-delete in the cloud settings window, you will achieve exactly the same result - the backups over specified auto-delete period will be automatically deleted. Still no reason for custom format

We have decided to bring back custom naming formats. Should be out early November 2017. More details.

We have just released SQLBackupAndFTP version 11.3.1 with adding custom naming formats option. You can find these settings at the “Compression Settings” window.