Name Conflict when backupping same DB at same time to several destinations

Hi all together,

I like to backup my databases and I need to sent them to FTPS and also like to keep a local copy.

I set up two Backup Jobs, that both backup the databases on 3am and sent them to either destination.

Now I get the following error message when starting both jobs simultanously:

I assume that the files are temporarily stored in the same folder and that’s why ne name conflict occur.

An individual temp. folder for each job seems to be impossible because this setting is shared for all jobs.

So, how can I solve this problem? I am even not sure if the temporary folder is the problem… When starting the Job once at a time, this problem won’t occur. Of course I could set the first job at 3am and the second one at 4am… but I’d better like to run them at the exact same time.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Thomas,

Sorry but there is no way to specify an individual temporary folder for each backup job, thanks for the feature request, we’ll consider it.

Currently please set an individual backup schedule for each backup job.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


okay, good to know. So I need to set different times to not be in conflict, right?
Maybe it would be a quick and easy improvement to add a more detailed timestamp including seconds and milliseconds. Then those conflicts would probably not happen?
Or to be able to put the backup file to several destinations with one job :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas,

Yes, please try to specify different schedules for your backup jobs.