MySQL PhpMyAdmin Issues

I am a new user. I’m migrating 2 relatively large database files.
First Problem (Solved). Even though the backup was noted as complete, there was a timeout error that I found by unpacking and examining the SQL. The last text in the sql indicated a timeout error - ie longer than 360 seconds. Took a while but I found that I needed to change the Apache Alias file for my PhpMyAdmin. Made the number 600 (10 minutes) and that worked fine.

Problem 2 - The attempted import of the saved database looked like it was working but completed in only a few seconds. The database was not created in MySQL and, in fact, if I had a database so named, it was deleted and not replaced. Note: The SQL created in the backup process was GOOD. If I unpacked the zip archive and used the mysql console to directly import it works fine. The database is created and all tables and data imported.

I did solve my migration but it required more steps than a simple restore using SQLBackup And FTP.

I’d like to use it in the future but am hesitant. I wouldn’t want to accidentally delete my database(s) with an attempted restore.

Hi Martin_Beattie,

Could you please let us know what version of phpMyAdmin do you use?

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

I was in the process of migrating from one development WAMP machine to another. My production website is able to migrate from one mysql version to another automatically with in-house procedures.
The export machine was using MySQL ver 5.7.31 – that’s where I had the download timeout problem that was not recognized by the SQL Backup and FTP. It created the zipped download as if it were complete. It was only after unzipping the download and examining the sql file did I find the text indicating a time out error at the end. This I was able to fix using the Apache Alias definition as I noted above.

I tried uploading the corrected, complete sql file in the second machine using MySQL ver 5.7.36 and a second time with MySQL ver 8.0.29. Using SQL Backup and FTP, the restore looked like it worked, completing very quickly and showing no error. However, the database was not restored in either case. But using the unzipped SQL file directly using the SQL console the database imported without error with both 7.7.36 and 8.0.29. Incidentally, I tried again to restore using SQL Backup and FTP and the database created by the console import was deleted. So the import/restore looks like it starts by deleting the existing database but then stops without restoring anything else.

Hope that clarifies. In short, I am able to get a good backup with SQL Backup and FTP but need to unzip and use the console to restore.

Hi Martin_Beattie,

Thank you for your reply and for the details.

Sorry, but for now there is nothing we can help you with since phpMyAdmin has a lot of different versions and some of them are not stable.

The only thing we can recommend is to use MySQL Server (TCP/IP) connection type for your backup and restore jobs.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.