MySQL backup incremental failed

I try to do incremental backups but it’s always failed and I got the same error:
“MySQL index binary file “/var/lib/mysql/binlog.index” not found. If you connect to MySQL remote host, please make sure that the incremental backup option is disabled”.

It’s weird because the path “/var/lib/mysql/binlog.index” exists.
About the second sentence I don’t understand what’s is this incremental backup option that I need to disabled.

I have CentOS 7 with MySQL 8.0.29.
This is an screenshot of my error.

Hi sam,

Sorry, but MySQL incremental backups are available only for a local connection, but not for a remote. Please install SQLBackupAndFTP on the same server where MySQL Server is installed and try again.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you!