Multi File backup option in SQL Server

Multi File backup option is SQL Server increases the backup speed as well as moving the file to S3.Please consider this feature at the earliest.

Where is this configured in the app?

I’m looking for this feature.Currently we don’t have this feature i guess.

Hi Vikram_Srinivasan,

Could you please clarify, have you tried to increase the uploading speed using “Multiple parallel threads” option at the “Advanced Amazon S3 settings”?


that is uploading to S3.But sql server has method splitting backup to multiple file to speed up the backup.

Hi Vikram_Srinivasan,

Thanks for the clarification and your request, we’ve forwarded it to our dev team for consideration.

Any update on this? @Alexander

Hi Vikram_Srinivasan,

Yes, we have in our plans to add this option, but sorry, we can not provide you with ETA.