Log shipping stops working

I have v12.5.5 pro lifetime installed on the target (windows 2019.)

It’s configured to use Log shipping from an AWS S3 bucket. It was working just fine for a day and then there is a gap of many hours where nothing was restored.

Each Job log entry states that it Found “0” files which is impossible, there are 11,000 backup files in the s3 folder.

A few hours later and then magically started again finding all of the logs and restoring them, starting with the bi-weekly full backup which appears to have triggered this issue.

My first thought was that the backup had simply delated the process somehow but on checking the s3 bucket I can see that the subsequent 15 min log backups were taken as normal. Also I don’t see how this would cause the s3 file count to show 0.

There is a second larger database which has identical settings and that continued to work despite also taking a full backup.


  • NB: It’s almost impossible to spot this issue in the email reports as they report success and as the check is every 5 mins and the database logs are backed up every 15 mins these warnings are expected. I think perhaps you need to add an option to send a warning if no files have been detected after X scheduled runs.


Ignore dates as the server time was set to US by mistake.

Hi David_Meagor1,

To investigate this case we need more details. Could you please, enable the advanced log on both your computers with the “Trace” level, reproduce the issue, and send logs to our dev team. Here are more details on how to do it How to send Log to developers | SQLBackupAndFTP's blog

Note! With the “Trace” level, a log can contain your passwords. Before sending a log to dev team please open it using any text editor and remove the information you prefer to keep in secret. You can find them by clicking the “Open folder” link at the “Advanced Log” window (“Tools” > “Advanced Log…”).

Also, please noticed that on your destination the following directory has been created SQLBackupAndFTP_Meta. Could you please send it to us?

To make the logs and all the details in secret, please send them to our dev team directly by email support@sqlbackupandftp.com

Please let us know when the logs will be sent.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The issue has not yet reoccurred. I will enable trace logging for the next full backup though.

I downloaded the meta folder but each file only contained the one line.

SQLBackupAndFTP notification file for restore jobs subscription.

Hi David_Meagor1,

Please let us know if the log will be sent.

Sorry for the inconvenience.