Log Shipping Run Custom Scripts

Good day Gentlemans.
I am evaluating the product right now.
My interest is Log Shipping for SQL Server
I would like to request new feature “Run Custom Scripts” for Log Shipping job. Just like you implemented for Backup job. After and Before options.

Meanwhile do I have any option to run Custom Scripts after Log Shipping job has been successfully executed? Maybe listen to some trigger or something else?

Hi Anton,

Thank you for the feature request, we have forwarded it to our dev team for consideration.

Could you please describe your use case and what issues will be resolved with that feature?

Thank you!

The use case: I want just after the log shipping finished run heavy reporting queries on secondary database. I use option “Standby/Readonly”. These queries can take long time. Log shipping job should wait for that script to finish.

Currently I am running these scripts with interval 5 minutes. But sometimes logshipping job and my script are running at the same moment and overlap each other. I get exception from my script because database is turned into Recovering state.

Hi Anton,

Thank you for the clarification.