Local Myql Backup Failed

Hi! I have a problem with Version 12.0. I have successfully installed and configured the program but when i click on “Run Now” i have those errors! ( please tell me how can i upload the log file ) I have been installed vc-red 2015 but i have this problem.

Hi chrispet,

Could you please tell us what error message do you receive? Here are more details on how to send logs to our dev team: https://sqlbackupandftp.com/blog/how-to-send-log-to-developers

Please let us know if the logs will be sent, also please provide us your Application id which can be founded by clicking “Help” > “About”.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! My application id is : c31977e6-d658-4dab-b48a-eac421ddd651. I sent you now the log. I believe that my problem is my version of Windows. My OS is Windows 7 32 bit. I tried to run the command from cmd and it said me that the mysqldump.exe isn’t in correct version.

Hi, Could you help me please with my problem? I need a program about backup mysql and folders for my server! If you couldn’t please tell me to found another program for that!

Thank you

Hi Chrispet,

Thanks for the logs, we have checked them. To resolve this issue could you please install the following release https://sqlbackupandftp.com/download/alpha and specify the path to your original mysqldump at the “Advanced Settings” at the “Connection Settings” window. For example, C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 6.3 It should resolve the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi! I sent you again the log because after installing the version that you sent me i have another issue


Thank you for the log. Could you please go to the “MySQL Backup Options” and set “Generate statistics histograms” to “Default” it should resolve the issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.