License to multiple servers with same names

Hello, i have a license for 25 computers. I want to remove one of them installed on a server with name srv01. The server has been already formated. Trying to remove the license through my account i have noticed that i have multiple servers with the same name “srv01”. How can i determine which one is from the server i want to remove ? Is there any other characteristic i can rely on so i can trace the one to be removed ?


We recommend you to rename your computer (on the computer) from “srv01” to another, then the computer’s name will be also changed at your “My Account” page, and you will be able to identify it.

The server i want to remove the license has been already formated, as i said already. So i cant rename it.

Thanks for the clarification, but it seems you can rename another server, that doesn’t formatted.

Sorry for the inconvenience.