License key is already in use by the maximum allowed computers

I had to reinstall v11 on my machine because of the import issues but now my license key says it is already in use and I wont’ accept it.

Also the license key isn’t showing in my account. I created a new account but the license key didn’t get pulled over.

Hi Adam,

Could you please provide us more details about your accounts. To check your accounts please send us your email addresses that you have used to sign in into SQLBackupAndFTP.

Please send them to to keep them in secret.

We have resolved the issue - the license was registered under a different account. However there’s a more general question about “License in use”. This happens when a user tries to install a license on more computers that the license is purchased for (usually 1 computer). You can see the computers that are using the license on My Account page. If you want to remove the license click on the icon next to the computer: