License issue on Cloned Server

I have an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) in AWS with sqlbackupandftp installed. The install was configured as the free version. There are a number of Servers based on that AMI currently running. When I applied an open license to one of them all of them show as licensed. When I remove the license from any one of them it removes it from the one I want to be licensed as well.

I’m assuming there is a registry key or file based identifier that is used when the application calls home regarding licensing. Is it possible to regenerate that so all servers have unique ids. Uninstalling and re-installing the application did not resolve the issue. All of the servers have different Server Names as well.

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Hello Rsam_Cloud_Services,

We have forwarded this request to our dev team to check what we can do.

Thank you.

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I have a similar case but cloning instances in ESXi (VMWare).


Yes, indeed, when cloning a server, an internal application identifier is also cloned. We do not recommend to do it in such a way, because if we notice different fingerprint computer for one identifier with associated licensing, we can suspend the validity of that license.

For more details and further steps on the resolving this issue could you please contact our support team directly by the following email

Sorry for the inconvenience.