Job webhooks, HTTP notification

Adding a webhook notification for each successful / failed backup would be a great idea, when you need a close monitoring of databases backup.

I assume it’s possible to do some type of HTTP notification with “Custom Scripts” but the documentation for this is poor, It’s unclear if this runs after each database backup or after each job, You also can not get a status environment variable.

Any suggestions?


Thank you for the feature request. Please give us some time to consider it.

This would be great to be able to call a custom URL/Webhook with parameters upon completion of a backup job.

This would help us integrate with our status board to monitor the status of the backups.

Hi Ruben_Nunez,

Thank you for your request, we have forwarded it to our dev team for consideration.

Thank you.

I want to second this. I would also suggest an RSS feed maybe? That way we can pump it into Slack or other RSS readers (MS Teams, MS Flow, MS Power Apps) to alert/manage.

Hello Brett_Slaght,

Thank you for your request, we’ll consider it.

Currently, you can call webhooks via PowerShell running .bat script before/after backups. To do it, please add the following string into a .bat script.

powershell Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Body ‘{ JobName:MySqlBackup, IsSuccess:%SQLBAK_JOB_SUCCESS%}’ -Method Post -Uri “


@Alexander Thank you,

This might just do it, but does any documentation exist describing all placeholders (like %SQLBAK_JOB_SUCCESS%) that can be used? Can this be done on multiple databases backup, where some fail and some are successful?

Hi Eli_Perlstein,

You can find all the available options can be found at “After backup” window as shown in the screenshot below


Also, could you please clarify, do you prefer to add any other variables? If yes, which should be added, and what should they contain?

Hi, I think I’m being a little dense. I was trialling this software and need a way to send a HTTP webhook off, I’m fine with the script approach but I don’t seem to have this option when performing a MySQL backup, I’ve not tried other types of backups.

I’m running the latest version from the website, I purchased a license (standard) in case that was the reason why but with no success. I’m only using this for personal purposes on Windows Server 2016.

What might be the reason this option doesn’t present itself to me?

Hi Howard_Lince_III,

Thank you, we’ll fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the response Alexander,

is there a version I can roll back to that has this? Do you know the timeline for the fix?

Hi Howard_Lince_III,

We have added the ability to enable scripts for MySQL\PostgreSQL\phpMyAdmin into the Alpha edition Could you please test it?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello @Alexander, Thanks for the quick response.

I’ve installed alpha and written pre & post scripts and happy to inform both are running as expected at this time with MariaDB (MySQL). Thank you so much for your support!

Now if only I can find a system backup as friendly as this software. :thinking:

Hi Howard_Lince_III,

That’s great! Thank you.

With SQLBackupAndFTP, you also can backup your local files and folders. Just add the needed files and folders at the “Backup folders” section.